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When Pigs Fly 


Continuing our series of reviews of products we want to play, and we want reviews for comes When Pigs Fly on the iPhone and iPad devices. In this game we have a pig (Penelope Pig) that wants to fly. So she creates wings and goes on up and down hills to soar through the seasons. There are alligators in When Pigs Fly that will try and get them some bacon.

I always felt bad whenever Penelope Pig got eaten whole by one of the alligators in When Pigs Fly. Thankfully there are easy ways to fly in When Pigs Fly. Press and hold onto the screen while Penelope Pig is going downhill. Then let go when she starts to climb up the next hill. She will launch off into the air, and sometimes reach the birds. Double tapping anywhere also performs a hop in When Pigs Fly.

At times I was able to rocket Penelope Pig high into the air in When Pigs Fly. She would fly over numerous hills. The one problem with that is the landing. Sometimes I landed right where an alligator was. The longer you can make it in When Pigs Fly means the more seasons you will see. This means a graphical change in color and animations. The alligators will dress differently in winter for example.

The music in When Pigs Fly is awesome. I love listening to the music while playing When Pigs Fly on the iPhone and iPad. I played When Pigs Fly mainly on the iPhone and it worked marvelously. When Pigs Fly is a ninety-nine cent app with limitless replay value. I suggest families go through the tutorial in When Pigs Fly to learn all of the controls and tricks to playing this downloadable only hand held video game.

When I think of iOS apps, I think of simple fun. When Pigs Fly fits that definition amazingly well. The only thing I can see anyone having a problem with is the alligators eating the pig. That is over in a split second. There is no blood, or gore in When Pigs Fly. The most entertaining thing about When Pigs Fly is the whole concept of pigs flying and the old saying related to it.
- Paul


Graphics: 75%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: iPad/iPhone
Publisher: Ensensasoft
Developer: Ensensasoft
Rating: ‘4+’ - Everyone FOUR and OLDER ONLY

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