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Ticket to Ride 


The app market is quickly losing interest for me. Mainly because there are too many repeat pay to play apps, in-app purchases all over the place, and little innovation on the marketplace. Ticket to Ride on the iPad and iPhone is actually a board game. This board game has been shrunk down to fit into the iOS devices. Families can enjoy this board game on the iOS for $6.99.

The bad news about Ticket to Ride is there are in-app purchases. What do they give you? Additional boards to play on. Players pick cards of certain colors. Then they can apply them to the board. The goal here is to get all of the train spaces on as many routes as possible. Lets say between one destination and another one is four red spaces. Players collect four red train cards, and place them on that spot to get points and lock down that part of the route.

With routes all over the place, and three main ones to try and create (the first step at the beginning of this digital board game) there is plenty of options available to players. Ticket to Ride comes with offline and online modes. Players can compete against a computer (which is really smart) or family members locally. Remember Internet usage charges apply to playing Ticket to Ride online.

The music is good in Ticket to Ride. I enjoyed listening to it when I played Ticket to Ride on my iPad. The graphics are nice, and Ticket to Ride has a cool zoom in feature. Little of how to play was explained when I started playing Ticket to Ride. I watched the computer and learned how to play from it. Guess it is a good thing the computer played intelligently huh?

I like Ticket to Ride so much I am going to ask if Family Friendly Gaming will consider purchasing a physical copy of this board game. I know it will cost more than the app, but there is something so much more fun about touching real pieces and real cards. Ticket to Ride is one solid board game that translates into the iPhone and iPad platforms majestically well.
- Kid Gamer


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: iPad/iPhone
Publisher: Days of Wonder
Developer: Days of Wonder
Rating: '4+' - Everyone FOUR and OLDER ONLY
Company provided product
Value/Cost of the review is greater than value/cost of provided product

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