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Raging Pigs 


Raging Pigs is a cool little downloadable only app on the iPhone, and iPad devices. Players take on the role of a pig who must squash some angry looking birds. The pigs get their turn at revenge - if you are familiar with the Angry Birds franchise. There are 168 levels in Raging Pigs. They are all playable from the beginning of this hand held video game. Once you pay the ninety-nine cents you can go to any level in any world.

Raging Pigs has one issue with it that can be hard to adapt to. What is it? The controls. Players can use an on screen joystick, or on screen buttons (up, left, right, and grab blocks). This can feel clunky especially on the iPhone. Raging Pigs is a good enough game that belongs on a system with a D-pad controller (OUYA, 3DS, PS Vita, PC, etc). That would fix the control issues.

It took me many deaths to finally get used to the controls. I wish there were multiple lives on a level. Meaning I would take out half of the birds, die, and have to take them all out again. I wish I could have continued from that point as long as I had extra lives left. There is some interesting diversity in the levels of Raging Pigs. Plenty of cool and different looking levels in Raging Pigs. Sometimes objects will get in the way, other times they are very helpful. I loved the level where blocks kept dropping from the ceiling.

Raging Pigs sounds great. The music in Raging Pigs is exceptional. The special effect sounds fit the theme of this little video game. The characters in Raging Pigs also have some personality to them. I wish we could take out birds from the side as well as from above. It would add a really neat game play mechanic to Raging Pigs. It can be challenging to get above them and then over them.

I noticed Raging Pigs is a bit more difficult than most other Ensenasoft video games. Which means the experienced hardcore gamers have a challenge in front of them in the form of Raging Pigs. That is if they are skilled enough to take on the challenge in Raging Pigs. I hope to see sequels to Raging Pigs in the future. Raging Pigs is an interesting idea that works on the app market.
- Sam


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: iPhone/iPad
Publisher: Ensensasoft
Developer: Ensensasoft
Rating: ‘4+' - Everyone FOUR and OLDER ONLY

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