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Dots Deluxe 


I never know what adventures I will have on any given day. For weeks now I have been playing Dots Deluxe on my iPhone. There is a free version of Dots Deluxe, and a ninety-nine cents pay one time version of Dots Deluxe. I went for the one time pay option personally. There are two themes in Dots Deluxe. The space theme, and the Christmas theme. I love it when a company is strong enough to use the historically accurate words.

I played a game like Dots Deluxe when I was a kid. You may have as well. Let me know if this sounds familiar. Draw a grid of dots in a large square shape. Each player takes a turn drawing a straight line from dot to dot. No diagonal lines since we are trying to create boxes. The end goal of Dots Deluxe is to get the most boxes. Ensenasoft is very wise in bringing this game to the iPhone and iPad.

Ensenasoft has a history of good music in their games. Dots Deluxe is no different. The music in Dots Deluxe is one of the things that brings me back for a game against the computer, or another person. Dots Deluxe lets families have one player versus a computer opponent, or two family members can share the device and hand it off to play against one another.

I do have two things I wish were different in Dots Deluxe. At times it can be hard to figure out what move the previous player made. I wish there was a highlight on the last move that was made. This is especially apparent when there are two family members trading the device back and forth. It would be more fair in my opinion if the last line placed was accentuated in a meaningful manner.

The second thing in Dots Deluxe is tapping those dots. At times the game did not register my taps. I would have to tap a couple of times for Dots Deluxe to register I wanted to go from here to here. A little swipe would have been nice. All in all Dots Deluxe is a fun little game for families. I hope to see more games like Dots Deluxe from Ensenasoft in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: iPad/iPhone
Publisher: Ensensasoft
Developer: Ensensasoft
Rating: ‘4+’ - 4+

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