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Xbox Fitness 


I love fitness games. I love getting exercise while gaming. It is one of the good sides of video games. There is plenty of competition when it comes to exercise video games. Xbox Fitness gets some things right, and some things drastically wrong.

Xbox Fitness is free to download and start to exercise with the free work outs. As long as you have Xbox Live Gold. So you have to be using a short term free card or pay $60.00 a year. Not exactly my definition of free. If you do not have Xbox Live Gold you can pay an insane amount of money for specific work outs. For example I saw one for $29.99. The same kind of a work out DVD can be purchased for between $5.00 and $10.00 at a store. The tracking is not going to be worth that much to families.

The work outs in Xbox Fitness range. Most of them are intense, tough, and will help you lose weight. The trainers are encouraging, and very positive. The game uses the Kinect sensor to help you improve your form, and get the best work out you can. I was sweating and out of breath after almost every work out.

Xbox Fitness streams the data into your home over the Internet. Our modem rebooted, and I lost connection during one work out. The game stopped and would not let me continue playing. Which is really lame in my opinion. I prefer to have a game on a disc or cartridge where I can continue playing.

The men and women wear exercise apparel in Xbox Fitness. Many of the women are wearing very little. In fact there are images of women in bikinis in Xbox Fitness. Somehow the ESRB was unable to find the words enticement to lust, or partial nudity to describe Xbox Fitness. Not even their weak Suggestive Themes descriptor. It should not surprise me since finding the mistakes of the ESRB is becoming common place here at Family Friendly Gaming. The ESRB lost all credibility with us.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 85%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: Xbox One
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Sumo Digital

Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone

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