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Trials Fusion 


The physics based motorcycle games have generally been for the hardcore gamer. You need a PhD in the nuances of angles, trajectories, speed, and mass. Replaying the same levels for hours is needed to be successful in them. Trials Fusion is the latest in a long line of these games, and even gives us an ATV.

Make no bones about it Trials Fusion is difficult. Every level (outside of the training ones) provides the player with one, two, or three medals. They are bronze, silver, and gold. These levels open additional worlds. The more you get in each and every level the more of the game you will see.

This is where Trials Fusion gets frustrating. The requirements for gold and silver are insane. Especially considering one little tiny mistake somewhere in the level disqualifies you. I tried again and again. I would make a mistake somewhere else in the level. Eventually I would give up and see if I could get more medals in another level. I felt like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel to get by in Trials Fusion. Where can I earn one more medal to unlock the next area?

The controls in Trials Fusion are very touchy. Maybe it is the poorly designed Playstation 4 controller. Trials Fusion created real world frustration and stress. Finally getting something perfect did not have much of a reward to it. Since the same thing was needed in many more levels.

The character in Trials Fusion flops around like one of the humans in Goat Simulator. He also screams as he dies. Trials Fusion has a perversion in having your rider die at the end of the levels. This happened in many of the levels and makes no sense to me. Why kill him after he finally completes that crazy course?

There are physical copies and downloadable copies of Trials Fusion. The download is 5.1 gigs. So make sure your system has enough space, and your ISP monthly limit is not going to produce additional charges. I would hate for our readers to get dinged due to how large this game is. Family Friendly Gaming continues to support physical copies of games.

I noticed some strange glitches while playing Trials Fusion. At the start of a level the graphics were not always built. This was generally corrected in a few seconds. No splashing when entering water at the end of levels. Also some objects would not always move in a level to build track in front of me. Rebooting fixed that last one.

Players can do tricks on the vehicles in Trials Fusion. The trick system is overly complex, and very confusing. I spent half an hour trying to do the training level on how to do specific tricks. Let alone remembering how to do them. I suggest avoiding tricks as much as possible.

There are online modes in Trials Fusion. Players can also create their own level. If you are into either of those things. Trials Fusion will show how poorly you rank on the leaderboards. I ended up making sure to disconnect from the servers because I did not want to see that.
- Frank


Graphics: 66%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 63%

System: PC/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4(tested)
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: RedLynx, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Kiev
Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone 10+
{Mild Language, Mild Violence}

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