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Trail the Tail 


Kids games range from the okay to the absolutely amazing. Some of them astound me to this day. Certain kids games could have baked a little longer in development. Other kids games come out of oven perfect for consumption once they cool off.

Trail the Tail is done amazingly well. The high quality in this downloadable only iPad app (also on Google Play) is apparent right from the beginning. The art, animation, music, and game play are all well thought out. Trail the Tail exhibits an intelligent design.

Due to FCC regulations I have to report Family Friendly Gaming was paid to review this product. We were not asked to change anything in this review. I find it interesting the White House requires this transparency from us, and they are asking journalists to change stories to make themselves look better. Thematica has worked with us in a professional, kind, and honest manner. The White House and the FCC could learn from them.

We do a variety of things in Trail the Tail as we interact with animals. We may feed them, move insects off the leaves, clean them, bath them, and more. Kids have a blast playing Trail the Tail. They love the animals and all of the interactions.

The music and animal sounds in Trail the Tail are fantastic. I love listening to the music in Trail the Tail. Kids love it even more. Kids adore the animal sounds too. They get such a kick out of hearing them make their noises in this tablet based video game.

Trail the Tail teaches kids about different animals. We learn how elephants bath. We also learn things like what foods certain animals eat. There is a lite version of Trail the Tail, and a paid version for $2.99. The lite version lets families try Trail the Tail before they buy the full version.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 86%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: iPad
Publisher: Thematica
Developer: Thematica
Rating: ‘4+’ - Everyone FOUR and OLDER ONLY
Company provided product

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