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I like Minecraft. My brother and I play quite a bit of Minecraft. I also like Terraria. Both of those games have one drawback - the violence. This is where TownCraft enters stage right. And yes I am in a drama class learning all about entrances.

TownCraft promotes itself as non-violent. You won't be hacking and slashing zombies in TownCraft. You also won't be shooting giant floating skeleton heads. If you know what two games I just referenced then you get a gold star. If not, then please re-read my first paragraph.

TownCraft reminds of Minecraft when it was first released. There are plenty of things to do. You just don't know how to do them. Or what you need to make them work. To enjoy TownCraft you need to be an explorer. You need to test things, and try all kinds of combinations. Game testers would be really good playing TownCraft.

There is a tutorial in TownCraft but it has a few flaws. First off it can be difficult to remember how to make all of the different needed items. If you stop the tutorial and come back to it, then you need to play through the entire tutorial from start until when you stop. This can be a huge pain having to redo things you have done in your world. Skipping chapters in the tutorial would have been really handy. Or being able to pick it up from where you left it off.

The coolest thing about TownCraft to me is you pay one time and that is it. It is not one of those repeat pay to play apps. You pay for TownCraft, and then play to your hearts content with no ads, and no in-app purchases. It is wonderful to see games like this again.

Families will want to pay attention to a couple of things in TownCraft. There is a tavern that can be built. People drink at this tavern. There are also references to violent acts. Like someone wants you to make them spears so they can stab someone in the heart. Or badgers will attack if you stay in that area at night.

As you play TownCraft it develops and grows. You can hire workers to do jobs for you. There are quests to complete. New recipes to discover - back to that trying all kinds of different combinations. The biggest frustration in TownCraft is trying to find how to create things you need.

Fans of Minecraft and Terraria will get deep into TownCraft. With the fishing, planting, and crafting there is plenty to do in this hand held video game. By the way TownCraft is also on the Macintosh computer. If you have one of those computers.
- Kid Gamer


Graphics: 75%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 79%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: iPad/MAC/iPhone(tested)
Publisher: Flat Earth Games
Developer: Flat Earth Games
Rating: '12+' for 12+
{Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References}

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