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Stratego Next Edition 


I had a little money on my Nintendo 3DS to spend on downloadable games. I honestly despise downloadable games personally. I like to have something in hand. I like to be able to sell it, trade it, or give it away when I am done with it. None of those things can be done with a download only video game. Consumers lose all of their rights with downloadable video games. Companies can shut down online options whenever they want and you can’t get your property back ever again.

My first born son loves Stratego, so I got him Stratego Next Edition. He enjoys messing with this video game representation of the board game. Since Stratego Next Edition is a digital game there can be different modes. Stratego Next Edition contains Stratego Original, Stratego 90’, and Stratego Duel. There is also single player and multiplayer modes. In multiplayer you can host a game or join a game.

Families may want to start in the tutorial of Stratego Next Edition first. Especially if you are not familiar with the rules of Stratego. The graphics are a bit on the older side. The music is okay - nothing too spectacular.

My biggest problem with Stratego Next Edition is the computer’s AI. It astounded me that the computer could easily guess which was space had the flag. This happened more times than I could count. I started to feel like Stratego Next Edition was cheating. I did get my moneys worth out of Stratego Next Edition. I would love to see this game get a sequel and much needed improvements.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: Nintendo DSi
Publisher: Games Factory Online
Developer: Triangle Studios

Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY
{Fantasy Violence}

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