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Decap Attack 


Rummaging through a box of old games I found it - a 16-bit home console video game Family Friendly Gaming never reviewed. Most intelligent readers will look at the name Decap Attack and draw a conclusion. Your conclusion of avoiding Decap Attack is right on the money. My review is to reinforce and reaffirm what you already know.

Decap Attack has a horror theme. This Genesis game feels like one monster is being used to fight off other monsters. Using evil to fight off an evil invasion. Not the most morally or ethically sound. The era before Family Friendly Gaming did have certain issues. The main character can find a head and throw it. He can also jump on enemies and punch them.

The mummy like character in Decap Attack is light on his feet. His jumps are beyond any and every Olympic record. The music is annoying, the violence lengthy since enemies respawn, and the game can be difficult at first. Players need to improve their play each and every time to progress through the levels in Decap Attack.

The backgrounds in Decap Attack look like the 8-bit Ninja Gaiden graphics. The game play has a similar feel to it as well. Decap Attack is a road map of what not to do in a video game.
- Mark


Graphics: 40%
Sound: 50%
Replay/Extras: 50%
Gameplay: 30%
Family Friendly Factor: 30%

System: Genesis
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega

Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated

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