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Treasure Tower Sprint 


Some may say Treasure Tower Sprint is a form of a runner. But I believe it is more like a Pac-Man game. On each floor of the towers we have to collect all of the coins. Just like Pac-Man has to collect all of the dots on every single maze screen. The floors in Treasure Tower Sprint are very maze like too.

There are treasure chests players can open in Treasure Tower Sprint if they can stand next to them for two seconds. This is easier said than done as enemies are chasing after the player's character. They will hack and slash you until you are dead. This is where the role playing aspect starts to come into play.

Not only do we have health in Treasure Tower Sprint, we also are able to upgrade certain skills. Things like health, attack, and defense stuck out in my mind. Probably because they are the most important to me. We can attack the enemies back. Although going one on one with anything in this iPad app is rarely a good plan.

There are health potions that can restore your life - as long as you can get to them. Treasure Tower Sprint contains a Genie who will grant your wish if you can defeat all of his floors. Seems like a lot of effort to get a wish from a mythical being. Especially when I realized it will not impact my life in the real world.

From top to bottom Treasure Tower Sprint is a solid game. There was obviously a lot of thought that went into this game. The art work reminds me of those Oasis games on the Sega consoles. The music has an Arabic flare to it. There are enough levels to warrant the cost of admission.

One warning about Treasure Tower Sprint. This game can get addicting. You will want to beat just one more floor. Or get that other skill upgraded. Please be careful and make sure Treasure Tower Sprint does not negatively impact your real life.
- Sam


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 79%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: iPad
Publisher: Sava Transmedia Inc
ating: Rating: ‘9+’ - 9+
{Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence}
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