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Powerstar Golf 


Powerstar Golf is partially a golf simulator and partially an arcade golf game. Players earn experience and in game currency. The experience levels up their player. The in game currency buys packs of cards. These cards can be better gear or one use usable items.

Each character has a special ability they can use with the 'X' button, and their caddy also has a special ability - used with the 'B' button. Useful video tutorials explain all of this in case you forget when you start playing. Even failing a series of holes miserably will earn experience and currency. So players lose nothing by failing.

Powerstar Golf is a guessing game. Especially in the putting. Players have to estimate how much power to use up a hill. Or how much to go left to go up and come back down a slope. I have played golf games that provide the player a guide showing where the ball will end up. I am surprised this Xbox One game does not include a guide like that.

The wind in Powerstar Golf gave me all kinds of fits. At times it would hold me back and land me in the water. Other times I would go flying over the hole. The same power, technique, and wind were in both instances. Thankfully it messes up both players when local multiplayer is being used. The computer controlled characters in Powerstar Golf do make mistakes. Which is helpful in recovering from my own.

Powerstar Golf contains numerous locations, holes, gear, and characters. I feel Powerstar Golf is worth the $19.99 price tag. It is also a downloadable game on the Xbox One. So it will stay with your system. Families can invest quite a bit of time into Powerstar Golf. Mainly learning it at first, and then enjoying all the different characters/skills/items.

The better gear, and players you earn will help you improve in Powerstar Golf. Sometimes you will get really lucky in this game too. I found numerous trees while playing Powerstar Golf. Wild life can be seen in Powerstar Golf. One of the many small touches Zoe Mode developed into Powerstar Golf.

I had fun playing Powerstar Golf. There were holes of frustration. No rewind after making a mistake was frustrating - Forza Motorsport 5 has spoiled Family Friendly Gaming. The lack of an intelligently designed guide in putting is a downer. There are fun characters, and courses in Powerstar Golf.

Powerstar Golf looks great. A few of the female characters could have worn a bit more clothing. The sounds are really good, and humorous at times. The temper tantrums after doing poorly could have been left out of this home console golfing game. Powerstar Golf is a solid launch title for Microsoft.
- Frank


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 85%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: Xbox One
Publisher: Microsoft Games
Rating: 'E' – Everyone
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