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Letter Challenge 


The WMG asked for a challenge. The WMG asked for something to review that was challenging. What did the Great One provide? Letter Challenge. It has challenge in the name of the game, so it fits. Plus the emperor kept to the letter of the request. So the WMG is cooking up a review of Letter Challenge.

Letter Challenge is a downloadable Nintendo DSi title. Families can also download and play Letter Challenge on the Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo 2DS. There is no 3D in Letter Challenge. To be real for a moment - 3D would be wasted on Letter Challenge. It would take away from the focus of what Letter Challenge is all about.

Letter Challenge contains four word related games. There is Word Finder, Word Blast, Pick Letter, and Hang Man. Word Finder is where you have to guess what letters go where. One color denotes a wrong letter, another color denotes the right letter in the wrong spot. And the final color shows the right letter in the right spot.

Word Blast is where letters are being thrown at the player and they have to use them or skip them. Players use them to spell words in a limited space. Pick Letter is exactly as it sounds. Players have partially spelled words on the screen and they must pick the right letters to complete the word. Like Wheel of Fortune. Every hint used, or incorrect guess will drop the score.

You guys know what Hang Man is about right? In Letter Challenge it is a video game representation of the game. The music in Letter Challenge is stunningly awesome. Families can jam to this beat while using their brains to try and solve the puzzles.

Families can also earn trophies while playing Letter Challenge. This is a neat little feature in this reviewers opinion. The price of Letter Challenge is extremely reasonable at $2.99. Families will not break the bank while playing this fun educational game.
  - WMG


Graphics: 79%
Sound: 88%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%

System: Nintendo DSi
Publisher: Enjoy Gaming
ating: Rating: 'E' - Everyone
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