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King's League Odyssey




King's League Odyssey 


Kings League Odyssey is a fascinating blend of strategy and role playing. Players start with a knight, and recruit additional characters. The forty different classes need to be leveled up, and trained. Players earn resources from fighting, and conquering lands to level up, and train their troops.

Battles in Kings League Odyssey are done in 2D screens. Your troops are on the left and theirs are on the right. Once the battle begins the troops run towards one another. They fight it out until one side has no more soldiers on it. An archer will act differently than say a knight.

Players have multiple different skills they can work on leveling up. Heart, strength, speed, and more are all adaptable. As well as additional skills that can be used to make your troops stronger. Things like a greater attack, or a greater defense. Maybe you want your archers to shoot farther away. Customization is key in this little hand held game.

We earn different things depending on the battle we enlist in. This is where the strategy comes into play. Also what skills you train your troops to be more proficient in. Kings League Odyssey starts really easy, but it can get difficult even on the normal mode as the game progresses.

I enjoyed playing Kings League Odyssey. This game has a lot of different things in it. It approaches strategy in a different way. The RPG elements are what make this app so deep. I just wish I was given more time to train before going into the forced battles.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 88%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone(tested)
Publisher: Gamenauts
ating: ‘4+’ for 4+
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