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Ice Climbers 


Over the years I participated in interesting panels and discussions on games. Ice Climbers has come up on more than one occasion. I knew about the game but could never recall actually playing it. So as I was looking for retro games to review I noticed Ice Climbers was one of the games Nintendo provided me for being a Nintendo 3DS ambassador (purchasing the Nintendo 3DS in the first few months of its release). It is the Gameboy Advance port. So I know Ice Climbers will not have the most updated graphics. In fact it looks like an 8-bit NES title to me.

There are a few different enemies that are used repeatedly. Most of the blocks that make up floor levels are also re-used. The player can jump up with their hammer and hit the animals in the way. Players are also able to swing it to hit enemies in front of them. I had to keep doing this when I messed up a jump or did not clear enough of the ceiling to jump to the next level. What made things worse is there are creatures that will fill the holes if players do not move up quick enough. The nice thing is we can take our time in progressing. Ice Climbers does not provide a timer to stop us. That is until we reach the bonus area. Then we have so many seconds to jump to the top or we are told we do not get bonus points.

Bonus points did not interest me personally. Just getting through the levels. Which reminds me - the jumping in Ice Climbers is a pain. Sometimes it worked perfectly and other times it did not. This lead to frustration and irritation on my part. The music in Ice Climbers exhibits its age, but it is still good. Ice Climbers is a franchise I would like to see sequels of in the future. I could see this game being great in this age with updated controls, graphics and sounds. I learned to plan my moves ahead of time, and find the best path from the bottom to the top. The game will scroll the screen up as you go higher. Unfortunately Ice Climbers does not scroll back down. If you fall through a hole you lose a life. Have no more lives and it is game over. I can see why some hold a special place in their hearts for Ice Climbers.
- Paul


Graphics: 72%
Sound: 77%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 66%

System: GBA/3DS(tested)
Publisher: Nintendo

Rating:   ‘E’ for Everyone

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