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Golden Axe 


A long time ago the video game industry was immature, and contained immature games. Golden Axe is a perfect example of this. This Sega Genesis game is a classic example of the hacking and slashing genre. We get to pick one of three characters. A dwarf, a warrior, and a valkyrie. The dwarf is the only character fully clothed. Which is pretty bad.

On top of the enticement to lust issues in Golden Axe, there are also constant violence issues. If a player gets really stuck they can use a powerful magic spell to damage all the enemies that are on screen. The hacking and slashing gets boring extremely quickly.

The war cries in Golden Axe are beyond annoying. The sound chips back then were not that great. This make Golden Axe sound like it was done inside a tin can. Hearing the same sounds over and over again adds to the monotony of this violent video game.

Golden Axe includes multiple modes. Some of them are easier than others. On the easy setting I was able to make it completely through the game. Which showed exactly how short Golden Axe is. The harder modes give us less life, and the enemies more life. In other words I had to hack and slash on them over and over again to kill them.

The controls in Golden Axe are horrible. Enemies will attack you from off screen with no chance to defend. We can walk back and forth trying to line up an enemy to hit them. Their AI knows to avoid us when they are low on life. These problems lead to frustration and irritation, especially on the harder settings.

Golden Axe teaches us to get all of them before they get us. If they do get us, then we are taught to get revenge. Golden Axe is one of those older video games that shows what was wrong with the industry back in the day. The really bad news is Golden Axe received multiple sequels.

I recommend that our readers avoid Golden Axe on the Sega Genesis, and any other system it happens to appear on. You will thank me later.
- Mark


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 61%
Replay/Extras: 48%
Gameplay: 58%
Family Friendly Factor: 57%

System: Genesis
Publisher: Sega

Rating:  ‘T’ - Teen
{Animated Violence}

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