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Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel 


Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel is the latest horror hidden object game to make it to the iOS platform thanks to industry leader G5 Entertainment. The occult is heavy and thick in Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel. Which is why I believe this app is not for children.

Older members of the family that can handle the content will find a detective on vacation in a bikini. She gets a call to investigate some strange occurrences at a hotel. She reluctantly agrees, and enters some odd paranormal events that can give anyone nightmares.

Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel contains many of the same game play aspects as other horror hidden object games. There are items to collect, merge together, use in certain spots, and mini games to play. Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel offers hints to players so they can find which screen to be on, and where to look for things.

If you are stuck and confused in Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel then you can use the hints. Mini games can also be skipped if you have no idea how to complete them. You will have to wait a minute or two for the button to fill up, and the game will verify you want to actually skip it.

Players talk to, work with, and deal with ghosts in Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel. There are multiple secret societies at work in this app as well. Bringing the dead back to life thanks to occult means is another theme in Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel. This app has an ancient Egyptian flavor too.

The voice acting in Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel is okay. Attitude is usually exhibited, and certain characters do not like one another. The music in Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel is eerie and very creepy. Brightstone Mysteries Paranormal Hotel enters a long line of horror hidden objects on the iPad.
- Mark


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 55%
Replay/Extras: 55%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: iPad
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
ating: Rating: ‘9+’ - for 9+
{Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes}

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