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The Island Castaway 


G5 Entertainment is known for the hidden object genre. But sometimes they branch out into something else. The Island Castaway is that something else. You get stuck on a tropical island. What do you do? You have to collect food, firewood, build a shelter and more. The Island Castaway reminds me of Lost in the Blue with a little Harvest Moon.

As players progress through The Island Castaway they get to catch fish, crabs, hunt boars, and kill snakes. There are villagers to meet, and fellow castaways to help out. The majority of The Island Castaway involves collecting specific items for certain characters. There are quests to perform, but the majority of The Island Castaway is collecting certain items.

The islands look great in The Island Castaway. The animals animate like real animals. I loved watching the crabs dig into the sand and vanish. There is a ton of diversity in the races of the characters in The Island Castaway. A few of the islanders are not completely clothed. It can take some time to get to that point, and that character is not a major player.

The music in The Island Castaway has a tropical feel to it that helps this app push the envelope. I love the focus of The Island Castaway. It dwells on finding food, water, and needed tools. There are enough sections in The Island Castaway to keep families busy for a few weeks. The game play can get a bit repetitive, but it is an interesting kind of a game.

I can not wait for sequels to The Island Castaway. This style of game is actually a lot of fun. Collecting items, and completing quests are fun. The islanders have some backwater beliefs and worship false idols. The player can collect them in the game. As well as the various trophies in The Island Castaway.

It was a real pleasure to be allowed to play and review The Island Castaway on the iPad. This app is also on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I wrote the review before the game was released so there is some information I was not privy to. Planting seeds is very different in The Island Castaway. I never knew what would pop up. Collecting pearls is extremely important in The Island Castaway, especially when you want to purchase things instead of planting them.
- Luke


Graphics: 72%
Sound: 83%
Replay/Extras: 88%
Gameplay: 96%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%
System: iPad
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
ating:  ‘4+’ - 4+

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