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Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures 


Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures may be one of the best hidden object games that G5 Entertainment has ever published. It is also a little different from the I Spy kind of hidden adventure games. There are items in Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures that can be found. They are merged with other items to create something useful. This helps the player get off of the screen they are currently on.

The two main characters are spoiled brats. I can not think of a nice way of saying it, and really there is no reason to. The prince of one country and the princess of another both get kidnapped, and put on this island. The voice acting and music in Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures is top notch. It really enhances this hand held game. The humor is either enjoyed or ignored. I personally sighed a lot at the humor in Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures.

Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures is also one of the most difficult iPad games I have ever played. This feels like a PC (Personal Computer) game to me in so many ways. Finding which items can be used in which areas can be maddening. After the solution is discovered I felt like a complete idiot for not thinking of it beforehand.

There are some fascinating mini games in Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures. G5 Entertainment is very kind to players by allowing us to skip the puzzles if we can not figure them out in a reasonable amount of time. There are some I am still not sure what they wanted from me. But skipping them was faster.

Skipping is not allowed in the main levels though. Do not expect any hints in Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures either. Players can tap all over the screen, but that is not always useful. The curtain needs to be shredded on the sharp broken bars, and then merged with the bent hook. Then the prince can climb out. Levels in Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures are very involved that way.

The graphics in Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures are generally very bright and colorful. The downside to the graphics in Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures is the princess. She is busting out at the seams in her chest region. Various screens in Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures focus on her chest as well. It would have been nice if that had not been shoved in our faces all the time.

Players go back and forth between the two characters. What can be frustrating about Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures is to escape only to get caught again. Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures is one of those games that slowly builds. Royal Trouble Hidden Adventures kept me on my toes as I had to keep thinking about how to solve a screen.
- Paul


Graphics: 74%
Sound: 81%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 92%
Family Friendly Factor: 77%
System: iPad
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
‘4+’ - 4+

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