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PS3 Wired Controller 


There are a variety of companies that make PS3 controllers. I have a new favorite in the form of PS3 Wired Controller from Snakebyte USA. This controller looks very similar to the Sony one, and it feels a lot like it as well. There are differences of course. The biggest difference is the logo. That we can immediately determine which product we are using.

PS3 Wired Controller looks like the Sony Playstation 3 controller. The home button, start and select buttons are a little bit different. The logo for the triangle, circle, 'X', and square buttons are also very different. They look more artistic to me. The bottom of the PS3 Wired Controller is drastically different as well. This wired controller plugs right into the Playstation 3 video game home console.

The buttons on the PS3 Wired Controller make satisfying sounds as players use it. This is the extent of the sounds on the PS3 Wired Controller. This is a controller so I won't punish it for that. PS3 Wired Controller is a useful piece of hardware especially if you are looking for an additional controller on the PS3.

Snakebyte USA has created a very solid controller. I abused it in a variety of ways and it continued to work. For those freaking out about that, let me explain that it is part of determining the worth of a product. The PS3 Wired Controller is two meters long. That is what the box tells us. I checked the website page, and used a conversion tool to verify that is six and a half feet. I found this to be an adequate distance away from the Playstation 3.

There is one aspect of PS3 Wired Controller that felt odd to me. That is the start button. I checked the original PS3 controller from Sony and it has the same oddity. What is this oddity I am referencing? The right joystick is close to the Start button. This is only noticeable when starting a game, so it is a mild thing.

The PS3 Wired Controller feels really comfortable in my hands otherwise. It feels very similar to the Sony controller. All of this cheaper than the suggested retail cost of the Sony one. I like the PS3 Wired Controller, and feel it is worth the price of admission if you are needing another PS3 controller. Wireless would be an improvement for future PS3 controllers from Snakebyte USA.
- Sam


Graphics: 86%
Sound: 79%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%
System: PS3/Hardware
Publisher: Snakebyte USA
Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated

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