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Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini 


Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini mixes together two genres - hidden object, and mystery. Those two meld together agreeably. The ghost of Harry Houdini's wife sets on a quest to find out who is stopping his spirit from reuniting with hers. My guess was he was in hell, but Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini does not take a Judeo-Christian stance on the afterlife.

All of the ghosts in Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini freak me out. It became very disturbing having to deal with all of this ghosts. The visual effects are admirably done. I was able to notice hidden items at a regular frequency. Some of the puzzles in Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini are insanely difficult. Visual effects are used to guide us to certain items in certain areas to assist in progressing the storyline.

The music in Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini sets the ambiance. Which was like going to a haunted house. There is a fair amount of the occult in Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini. This iPad, PC, and MAC game is a dream come true for witches and warlocks. The player has a journal that assist with what has been going on. Puzzles will provide hints.

Speaking of hints, we find crows in Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini to earn additional hints. The freaky black birds are what helps us. I never felt comfortable with help from a crow. The price ranges for Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini. It all depends what system you purchase it on. I saw some of the prices here and there, and in my book they are a little high.

Have you played any of the Nancy Drew PC games from Her Interactive? If you have then the game play in Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini will make perfect sense. Find certain items to interact with a certain thing. My one complaint about the game play is items go away once they are used. I used bolt cutters (that I combined from two pieces) to cut a chain on a fence. I come to another door with a chain and lock, but my bolt cutters are now gone. Were they destroyed after one use? I wish game developers would consider not all items are disposable after they are used.

The biggest issue families will have with Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini is the supernatural and occult aspects. We had to routinely work with ghosts in Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini. Things like seances are in Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini. There is unfortunately a lot of darkness in Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini.
- Mark


Graphics: 63%
Sound: 67%
Replay/Extras: 61%
Gameplay: 81%
Family Friendly Factor: 48%
System: iPad/PC/MAC
Publisher: MumboJumbo
Rating: ‘T’ - Teen
{Violent References}

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