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Letters from Nowhere 


G5 Entertainment will come up with any discussion on hidden object games. Especially on the iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch platforms. Letters from Nowhere is their latest franchise. A woman is seeking her missing husband. She is getting all these letters that are helping her in her search. The letters are coming from a dead postman. Which is only one of the strange things this attractive blonde has to face.

The items in Letters from Nowhere are hidden in a variety of manners. Most all of them are cleverly disguised. The player has a listing of the items to find and a screen to find them in. Messing would not begin to describe the screens in Letters from Nowhere. I can not see anyone living like that in any way shape or form.

The voice acting in Letters from Nowhere is fresh and alive. The main female character exhibits emotion on various levels. The post man also has a good voice that fits the theme of this hand held video game. The whole seeking out her missing husband really pulls at the heart strings. The music can get spooky at times.

There are eleven episodes in Letters from Nowhere. Thing is many of the screens are re-used. In my opinion the price and level of content do not quite match. I would expect a lower price, especially when one considers the ending. I will not spoil it for you, just say a sequel will be a must. Letters from Nowhere gets us all excited that certain things will be resolved in this game, and they are left open.

One of the strange things in Letters from Nowhere is the occult. They are to blame for the murder of the post man, and they are the kidnappers of her husband. The player will run across certain occultic symbols along the way. I like how the occult is shown as the bad guy, and the boogie men/women. Having to use their spell book and items made me uncomfortable.
- Sam


Graphics: 63%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Gameplay: 78%
Family Friendly Factor: 56%
System: iPad
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
‘12+’ - 12+
{Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References}

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