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Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard HD 


Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard HD might be the freakiest video game I have ever played on the iPad. You know it might be the freakiest game I have played period. I did mess around with an early Silent Hill game many years ago so it can be difficult to accurately compare.

Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard HD is a hidden object game. It is also a horror game about a cursed ship. No one knows what happened to the crew of the Jangada. So we follow a ghost into the jungle to find out. Let me stop everyone right there. Demons pull all kinds of tricks, so following them into the jungle is not a wise course of action.

Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard HD has all kinds of gross, disgusting, and scary imagery. This is not a game for children. It gave me nightmares when I was playing it. So I know it can adversely effect the mind of an adult. Children are even more impressionable.

The mood of the music is what assists the images in causing humans to freak out. This PC port does a really good job of getting under the players skin. I personally did not find Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard HD to be a pleasant experience. In fact it was quite the opposite.

Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard HD is a large app on the iPad - close to a gig and a half. I love PC ports, but am shocked at how large some of them can be. Keep that in mind as you are keeping track of the space on your unit. Unless you are using that Cloud feature.

Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard HD is not the kind of game that uplifts, edifies, and builds up. I really hope this franchise slowly fades to black. The pinch and zoom features in Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard HD are a nice upgrade.
- Paul


Graphics: 58%
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 62%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 53%
System: iPad
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
Rating: ‘4+’ - 4+
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