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Bookstore Dream 


I did not know much about Bookstore Dream before playing it. I had seen some screenshots and it looked like a cute little time management game. I was right about the cute little part, totally wrong about the time management. Bookstore Dream is an economics game. I will try to explain in the next paragraph.

We run a book store in Bookstore Dream. We hire staff, purchase merchandise, run sales, and try to find ways to turn a profit. Bookstore Dream will give families a real appreciation for what managers at stores go through. Without having to deal with the customer complaints and other issues like theft (aka shrink in retail). Yes at one time I was in retail.

Bookstore Dream is a Nintendo eShop game that works on the Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS. There is no 3D in Bookstore Dream. Which is a shame because it could have had, and it probably would have looked pretty neat. There are a variety of cute little characters, pieces of furniture, authors and more.

The prices in Bookstore Dream had me laughing. I can not imagine anyone paying hundreds of dollars for a book.  But that is a minor little point. We have to purchase contracts with publishing firms to sell their books. Those greedy publishers want payment up front, and then payment every single time we purchase books from them.

It can be difficult to turn a profit in Bookstore Dream. It seems like everything is against us. I learned to run autograph promotions with authors for a nice sales day. I also learned to stock the book the author was signing, otherwise I would run out and lose out on sales.

The music in Bookstore Dream is very pleasant. I enjoyed listening to it while watching Bookstore Dream. I stress that watching part because there is really little for us to do some days. If we have enough stock there is no reason to purchase more merchandise. If we need to make an order we go to a menu screen and take care of it. Then we sit and wait. Which can be nerve racking.

I highly recommend that anyone playing Bookstore Dream for the first time reads all of the intro hints. They are extremely helpful in terms of doing well in this hand held video game. Bookstore Dream is a different kind of experience for us at Family Friendly Gaming, and we like it. I would love to see some improvements in sequels - like skipping ahead to the end of a day (simulating a day).
- Paul


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 91%
Replay/Extras: 89%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 96%
System: Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo DSi
Publisher: Circle Entertainment
Rating: ‘E' - Everyone

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