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Bigfoot Hidden Giant 


Bigfoot is one of those really taboo topics like raising taxes. Unlike the over-taxation problem Bigfoot is not everywhere. Bigfoot does share scandals and faked events like many politicians. Some people believe in Bigfoot religiously. I actually expect a religion to form around Bigfoot some day if one has not already.

If you don't believe in Bigfoot then Bigfoot Hidden Giant will do nothing to sway you. This is an iPad video game. It is very obvious what the developers of Bigfoot Hidden Giant believe. They have thrown in other things like these horrible people polluting the environment. Their hired killers are extremely incompetent and the heroine gets away from them multiple times.

Bigfoot Hidden Giant reminds me of Nancy Drew if she were a daughter from one of the loud mouthed members of The View. Bigfoot Hidden Giant includes adult themes beyond the political activists lessons. There is a sort of male love interest who likes to drink and hit on her. Men are shown as pigs or incompetent. So nice that men are shown in such a positive light in Bigfoot Hidden Giant.

The visuals in Bigfoot Hidden Giant frustrated me to no end. We have some dark screens, and we have all these hidden object screens. The problem with the hidden object screens is a few things are visible and others are hidden worse than chameleons. Which would not be so bad if touching them made them go away. I touched some objects three or four times before the game acknowledge a hit and removed it.

The hints in Bigfoot Hidden Giant can be worthless in some places. I did not raise the truck high enough to change the tire. The hint pointed me to a basket inside the truck. That was not helpful. When I calmed down I tried tapping the tire jack again. That time it let me interact with it. Bigfoot Hidden Giant frustrated me at almost every turn. It was a chore to play through this game.
- Sam


Graphics: 61%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 64%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%
System: iPad
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
Rating: ‘4+’ - 4+

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