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The WMG comes off a little rest time to snatch up Air Mail on the iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPad. Air Mail is very close to a console game. The lines are becoming blurred between hand helds and consoles. This hand held platform is increasing in prominence thanks to games like Air Mail. A complete storyline with a variety of characters is in Air Mail.

First and foremost Air Mail has some of the strangest characters this reviewer has seen in a long time. They are odd looking, and odd sounding. We play a boy who gets a chance to become a pilot. He mainly delivers things like packages to others. This involves picking up a package from one location, and dropping it off at another locale. There is one small catch - we don't stop. No landing in Air Mail unless the game specifies it. Generally that happens at the end of a mission.

We have to get very close to pick up, and drop off spots. This requires pin point controls. It took this reviewer some time and steady hands to learn the controls in Air Mail. Thankfully there are a variety of choices available to the player. The tilt controls work the best. The mission variety in Air Mail is very diverse. We catch fish in one mission, and dust crops in another. Air Mail keeps the players interest extremely well.

The music in Air Mail is fantastic. The narrator has a voice that was unsettling. He was probably picked to give that old sage kind of feel. It just did not sound right, and did not really fit this game very well. The WMG knows of one persons voice who would have been great for Air Mail - our very own editor in chief. Sure he is busy, but he would make a great narrator.

The story mode will take a few hours to get through. Then there are a variety of things the player can explore. There are hidden golden monkeys around the vast regions in Air Mail. The current price of $4.99 is a little steep in this reviewer's opinion. There is a lot to this game, and it is very console like in so many areas.

There are some strange looking statues in Air Mail. One of them looks like that buddah person who spawned a religion. The player spends most of their time in Air Mail helping others. Which is really neat. There are bad characters who kidnap other pilots and punch our boss at one point. Air Mail has some drama in it. The personalities of the characters in Air Mail is diverse and quirky.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 77%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 72%
Gameplay: 78%
Family Friendly Factor: 67%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Publisher: Chillingo
ating:  '4+
' - 4+

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