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Wind Up Robots 


One of the things we love to do here at Family Friendly Gaming is to find companies that bring something unique, interesting, and diverse to the gaming table. Soma Games is one of those companies. Soma Games also has another thing going for them - they are a Christian video game developer. We are always on the look out for brothers/sisters in Christ that bring games to market.

Wind Up Robots tells the story of a little boy trying to sleep. Monsters are coming to attack him. He has wind up robots from his grandfather to protect him. This back drop is very important. The twenty-eight levels in Wind Up Robots are on his bed while he is sleeping. This makes Wind Up Robots a very interesting hand held video game.

The graphics in Wind Up Robots are pretty good. I enjoyed little details like the electrical outlet on the wall. The little creatures that are attacking are not the most pleasant looking. The violence is way less than I was expecting. The wind up robots shoot light from their eyes. This destroys the creatures of the darkness.

The love from the various characters is apparent from the script in Wind Up Robots. The message is a great one as well. Stay in the light and keep the darkness at bay. The majority of Americans will identify with the themes and messages in Wind Up Robots. The music works for this game, and the special effect sounds bring a technological angle.

Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for Wind Up Robots. With that said, I can tell you for a fact that this app is worth the one dollar. Most games designed for the iPad cost a couple of dollars. So it is great to see a game come out for just one dollar. The levels in Wind Up Robots are long enough to warrant replay. The seven robot defenders can be upgraded through gears. Players also pick and choose which ones to put on the game play field.

Wind Up Robots is in essence a wide open tower defense game. The thing that makes Wind Up Robots so unique is you can move your defenses around. They are not stuck in one place. Different robots defenders have different skills. This is where players can employ all kinds of strategy. I lost some levels because I picked the wrong team. I learned to make adjustments so I could succeed.

Wind Up Robots is a game that I am so happy to see out on the market place. This app teaches some good lessons about light and darkness. I hope to see sequels to Wind Up Robots in the future. Soma Games is definitely improving their craft. I can see Wind Up Robots becoming a break out hit in 2012. It was a pleasure for me to play and review this app.
- Paul


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 91%
Gameplay: 89%
Family Friendly Factor: 94%
System: iPad
Publisher: Soma Games
ating: ‘9+’ - 9+
{Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence}

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