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Wheres My Water  


Disney Mobile is quickly becoming a top tier publishers on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. This is the second game in a row we have reviewed for them that has been extremely awesome. This little alligator Swampy wants to take a shower. To do so he needs our help. He needs water.  So our goal in Where's My Water? is to move the water from where it is to his pipe works. Simple right? Do you think there would be one hundred levels if it was all easy?

The Disney graphics are loud and proud in Where's My Water?. Swampy looks like he came from a Disney franchise. He is a lot of fun to help out. The various colors used in Where's My Water? are great. They contrast, and work well in the different environments. At the start of each new world is a piece of art work showing what is going on. Swampy is not exactly the most respected alligator. The others don't like him.

I learned various tricks while playing Where's My Water? on the iPhone/iPod Touch. I am not sure if it was mold or grass, but whatever it is - it will grow if you water it. So avoid those, or use acid to remove them. Just don't send the acid into Swampy's pipe. He will not appreciate that kind of a shower.

The music in Where's My Water? is upbeat, fun, and fresh. The water sound fit this game like a glove. I loved hearing them, although I found myself going to the bathroom more often. Swampy will celebrate when you get him his shower, and cry when it fails. I found no offensive language while playing Where's My Water? on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Not only are there currently one hundred levels for ninety-nine cents, there are more coming. How cool is that? We were provided a download code for this review. With that said, I believe Where's My Water? is worth the cost. Especially now that I have personally played it. This app will make you think, but in a really fun way. Just remember there is more to physics than gravity.

The controls are extremely simple and easy in Where's My Water?. Swipe your hand to remove things like dirt. The water moves very realistically. There are also certain pipes that can be used to shoot water out. The only control I am not keen on is the bar to the left to move the screen up and down for larger levels. I could never remember to use it. So I was swiping the screen trying to get it to move.

Families can learn about basic water movement, and physics. I also learned to plan a course of action before moving. Action without thinking will not always win the day in Where's My Water?. Some levels do require some quick movement. I look forward to updates to this franchise, and would love to see a full sequel at some future date. Where's My Water? is one of those fun, fresh apps that stands up with some other great names.
- Paul

It has been seven months since I reviewed Where's My Water? on the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad. Normally once a review is written we are done with a product. Disney Mobile would not let Where's My Water? be forgotten. They updated it, and updated it, and updated it. There are now over three hundred levels in Where's My Water?. That is triple the size of its initial launch. So we decided it was time to update the review. All of those levels are added without any more cost to the consumer. With the exception of Cranky's Challenges. Which are much more difficult.

Where's My Water? has proven to be an amazing value. This is one of the few apps I go back and replay every single time an update comes out. In fact Where's My Water? is a complete and total craze every single time there is an update. We inhale the levels here at Family Friendly Gaming. The design is intelligent, and I am proud to say that I have triducked every single level in Where's My Water?. I have also found all of the hidden items. Where's My Water? earns the Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval, and is the first game to earn it on updates.
- Paul


Graphics: 91%
Sound: 96%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 98%
Family Friendly Factor: 94%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Publisher: Disney Mobile
ating: '4+'
- 4+

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