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Virtual City Playground 


Have you ever heard: "you get what you pay for?" That is not always the case, but I feel it is that way with Virtual City Playground. The iPhone/iPod Touch game is completely free. Yes - FREE! This micro-management game can be fun, and it can also be addicting. The first thing anyone notices about Virtual City Playground is it wants to post every little accomplishment on Facebook. You just built a mill. You just leveled up. You just spammed everyone on Facebook.

So that is how Virtual City Playground remains free. It has the player advertise for them on Facebook. It is unknown if this kind of marketing ploy works. But if you start to lose friends, you might want to check what you are sharing. The colors of the cities are fantastic in Virtual City Playground. The details are decent. The little people look okay. Players can zoom in if they like.

The music in Virtual City Playground is very soothing. That is until the game keeps pinging you to share any little thing. It becomes extremely aggravating for the consistent interruptions. Virtual City Playground does a decent job of explaining what to do. Although the WMG kept getting buses and trucks stuck places. For some reason the recycling trucks never had a problem. hmmmmmmmm.

Yes Virtual City Playground teaches recycling. If you forget to add a new building to the route, then the environment points will decline immediately which will also lower happiness. Nothing like promoting the green movement with a video game. Because there is no where else we are being ordered to recycle. There are eighty-five optional quests, and ninety buildings in Virtual City Playground. Many of them cost a lot of city credits or invest points. Players can purchase them on iTunes or wait a few hours.

Waiting for the game to build up enough money for something can be maddening. What is worse is this game has a habit of getting vehicles stuck inside buildings. Changing routes helped at times. The WMG once had three buses at the shopping mall with no people. All the people were in their homes. They were unhappy and the game told me to bring them to entertainment like a shopping mall. The buses refused to leave the shopping mall until I changed their routes. This happened all the time in Virtual City Playground. You think you are building this great wealth only to find out some snag hit a few minutes after you left.

Where are the churches? Virtual City Playground tells us we can build our dream cities. There is a Saint's Cathedral as a monument. What really gets this reviewer's goat is there are buddists idols, statues to science, and idols for other religions. No churches though. They should have a little country church, and a medium size church, and a large church. Yet that was forgotten. Why?

There are two problems with Virtual City Playground after playing for a week. The first one is the invest points. If you choose not to spam Facebook then you can not progress into things like Landmarks. The second is loading times. Leave this game alone for a day or more and it can take ten minutes or more to load the next time.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 79%
Sound: 82%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
‘4+’ - 4+

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