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Tiny Token Empires  


I love strategy games. I enjoy puzzle games. So what happens when the two are put together? Tiny Token Empires is what happens. It took me some hours with this iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game to wrap my mind around it. There is a map with territories. Players conquer the territories to earn more gold. That gold can be used to build cities, buildings, and armies. When the armies battle it is done in a match three or more puzzle screen. 

The combination of the two can seem strange at first. However there was some obvious thought put into the design. Certain kinds of soldiers use certain tiles in the puzzle game. This encourages players to have a well rounded army. If your entire army uses hooves or swords, then you may find yourself in a bind while in the puzzle battle screen.

I played Tiny Token Empires on the iPad, and was impressed with the graphics. The different characters look like they belong to the civilizations they come from. When the power bar is built up, then players can have their army attack the opponent. When this occurs there is a little blood splatter on the screen. A small skull appears when their health bar is completely gone.

The music in Tiny Token Empires is very majestic. I love the various special effects used in this hand held video game. The music adds some ambiance that increases the civilization conquering atmosphere. There are mythical creatures in Tiny Token Empires. Things like Minotaurs, and dragons. The tutorial teacher tries to be funny in certain spots. I did not find him humorous. Half the time I had no idea what he was talking about.

The biggest disappointment I have with Tiny Token Empires is there are many levels in the campaign mode. There is a multi-player function so that is cool. I also appreciate how long some of the levels can be. The board size is decent, and you can take your time conquering your opponent. Which leads to more battles, so you better enjoy the puzzle aspect of this game. Those battles can drag on as well.

The touch controls work masterfully in Tiny Token Empires. The tutorial teaches the basic skills needed to compete in Tiny Token Empires. The deeper I got into Tiny Token Empires the more I came to appreciate its intelligent design. I had fun playing Tiny Token Empires. The puzzle element takes some getting used to. But in some ways it takes away from the violent nature of the strategy genre.

I learned to think strategically in Tiny Token Empires. I also learned to quickly match colors and shapes, and how important combos are. I loved getting those Super Combos too. Tiny Token Empires also teaches to conquer your neighbors. Bring them under your wise rule. Although I am not sure how wise the rule of the Romans, Greek, Persians, Carthaginians, or Egyptians actually were.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 81%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 93%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Publisher: Bulkypix
ating: '9+'
- 9+
{Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor,Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence}

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