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The Magic School Bus Oceans  


The Magic School Bus is a huge kids franchise that encourages learning. I was happy to play and review The Magic School Bus Oceans on the Nintendo DS thanks to our famous friends over at Scholastic. The school bus in this game can float, and become a submarine. Not sure how the kids get in and out without flooding the whole thing, but there really is no need to dwell on little details like that.

The animals in The Magic School Bus Oceans look realistic. I understand that there is an artistic flavor to this game, but it does not discourage learning. In fact the colorful images probably help kids. I tried to ask a few and they agreed with what I said, so I am not sure they were interested in listening to me. The good news is they were sucked into the ocean thanks to this Nintendo DS game. Unless of course you want them to do their home work then that could be a bad thing. But then if they were to do a report on marine life it would be a good thing. Okay I will stop there.

The Magic School Bus Oceans encourages kids to get out there and explore. It is important to note that The Magic School Bus Oceans gives children audio directions. If you turn the sound off they will not know what they are supposed to do. While I played The Magic School Bus Oceans for this review I kept wondering about deaf kids. They could not play this hand held title without some assistance.

There is an ocean of learning in The Magic School Bus Oceans. I am so sorry, but it was too tempting to pass that one up. This Nintendo DS learning game contains six different ocean depths. There are different sea creatures at the various depths. Each area contains different animals that are interesting, diverse, and sometimes frightening. You will understand when you get to the bottom.

Parents can enjoy the fact that kids are learning how to prepare projects for parent's night at the school. Children play mini games to collect points. Get enough points and the next depth level is unlocked. I found the easiest mini games to play that gave me the most points. But I am also an adult and I did play all of the mini games. There are a few interesting mini games in The Magic School Bus Oceans that will keep a child's interest.

The Magic School Bus Oceans is a great game that teaches things about marine life. Parents will rejoice in the fact that it does not teach any belief system on how the animals got there. This makes The Magic School Bus Oceans on the DS more approachable by a larger audience. I look forward to sequels to this game in the future. The ending hints that there will be too.
- Sam


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 88%
Gameplay: 83%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Scholastic
ating: 'E
' - Everyone
{Comic Mischief}

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