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Save the Furries 


Save the Furries is in the same genre as the Lemmings franchise. There are some definite differences between the two. Let me start with what is similar. Save the Furries has players try to get all the little critters to the end area. Various objects within Save the Furries can be moved around. Some will block them, and others will help them get to the destination.

One of the major differences I found is there are not all these tools to have the characters use in Save the Furries. Lemmings has diggers, bomb guys, and more. Save the Furries works more with tools the characters interact with. Cannons, boxes, launchers, and more. I am pleased to see Bulkypix try something different on the iPad.

The characters in Save the Furries look odd. You have to see these green flat looking things to understand. The sun, planets, and levels all have some neat details to them. I found hidden little creatures all over the levels. The attention to detail is high in this iPad game. The Furries can die in a variety of manners. Thankfully most are less gruesome than in Lemmings.

Beating a level is normally a time of celebration. With Save the Furries it is annoyance. The sound effect given when I beat every level drove me up the wall. It defies all logic. I let others at Family Friendly Gaming hear the sound and their eyes got huge. There were various comments about how irritating that sound was.

The game play in Save the Furries revolves around finding the right items to move. Some levels require a quick hand, and others will let you take your time. The touch screen aspect of Save the Furries works. I found a few levels where trying to get something like a log to a certain spot was time consuming. Overall the controls are good in Save the Furries.

Save the Furries taught me to pay attention to my surroundings. The best way to solve the puzzles in Save the Furries is to take a mental inventory of everything in the level. I believe that Bulkypix is on the right track with Save the Furries. This kind of game has not been represented enough on the iPad platform.
- Luke


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 87%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Publisher: Bulkypix
‘4+’ - 4+

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