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Roll in the Hole 


I know what day of the week Chillingo sends us their updates. They have made a legendary name for themselves here at Family Friendly Gaming. I have lost track of how many crazes they have started here. Their latest app has the strangest name I have seen in some time - Roll in the Hole. I am going to work diligently to refrain from any jokes based on the name.

What is not a joke is how great of a game Roll in the Hole is. This app explains to the player how a gorilla Ugi steals the frozen treats from our roly-poly panda hero PoPo. So part of Roll in the Hole is to roll into the next hole. The other part is to collect as many icy treats as possible. There is a game play mechanic reason for collecting the chilled treats as well.

Panda bears are not exactly known to be the fastest animals on the planet. PoPo is no exception. You can however get him rolling downhill really fast. He does look fantastic, and the graphics in the levels are top notch. Currently there are three regions: valley, ice, and stars. Each of these contains twenty-four levels. There is also at least one bonus level. Roll in the Hole has another spot that tells us more levels are coming soon.

The sounds in Roll in the Hole are fresh, fun, happy, and uplifting. I really enjoyed all of the audio in this hand held video game. Bouncing, collecting items, and making it into the vortex are all things that sounds great in Roll in the Hole. I know this app calls it a hole, but to me it looks more like a vortex. I did not find any offensive sounds while playing Roll in the Hole.

The iPhone/iPod Touch version of Roll in the Hole costs ninety-nine cents, and the universal build sells for two dollars and ninety-nine cents. I feel this is a great price for the level of content. Plus they plan on adding levels in the future. I am very curious to see what other ideas they have for PoPo. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a reviewable copy of this game.

The controls in Roll in the Hole are super simple. Press on the right side of the screen to go to the right. Press on the left side to go to the left. The rest is up to you. Now getting to the hole is a completely different story. The levels in Roll in the Hole are unique in many ways. The frozen treats are important because so many are needed to unlock additional worlds. Roll in the Hole is a fun game to play that is also very addicting. I knew I could do better and get all three of the winter treats.

I learned when to go fast, and when to go slow thanks to Roll in the Hole. This app teaches certain spots need different strategies. I appreciate the lengths PoPo goes to - to stop the thief. If only all the police would do the same thing. I still have not gotten certain things back that were stolen from me decades ago. Roll in the Hole is an exceptionally good title on this platform. I am very thankful that I was able to review it.
- Paul


Graphics: 94%
Sound: 92%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 88%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Publisher: Chillingo
‘4+’ - 4+

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