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Chilingo continues to impress us here at Family Friendly Gaming. They are consistently coming out with apps that broaden our definitions of what a video game is. Rogue Sky fits right into that mold. Your character is a hot air balloon. He must avoid storm clouds, mines, and other hot air balloons that will shoot at him. Collect items along the way to gain more power - to shoot through certain clouds.

I find Apple's 4+ rating fascinating. There is cartoon violence in this iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game. Mines explode, and balloons fall in a flame of violent glory. The rest of the images in Rogue Sky are beautiful. The clouds, and background are wonderful to look at. The hot air balloons animate nicely. I can tell that a lot of work went into the graphical look of Rogue Sky.

I enjoyed listening to the music in Rogue Sky. It relaxed me as learned the nuances of how to play this app. The special effect sounds on the menu screens are a completely different story. Finishing a level or selecting a level almost sent me out of my skin. They will wake you up with a quickness. For me those sounds did not find the rest of the flow of this game.

The controls in Rogue Sky are insane. You have a button on the right and a button on the left. Hitting the right will make your hot air balloon guy go off to the right and also generally up. The same goes for the left button. Press them both at once and you will go straight up. The intricacy of the controls only became apparent in the second world of Rogue Sky. At that point I learned that slow and steady won the race. Go too fast, and you lose your health - which results in a game over.

Rogue Sky is a difficult game. I am sure there are those talented at playing this game that breeze right through it. I am not one of those people. I am not a fan of shooting down the other hot air balloons. Clearing an area of mines was a fun task. As was getting through the level. The controls is one of the stand out facets of Rogue Sky. I expect there will be sequels in coming years.
- Paul


Graphics: 84%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 83%
Gameplay: 87%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Chillingo
Rating: '4+' - 4+

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