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Race illegal High Speed 3D 


My first impression of Race illegal High Speed 3D on the iPhone/iPod Touch was I was playing Ridge Racer. Please note that Race illegal High Speed 3D also plays on the iPad. It is a universal build. The cars in Race illegal High Speed 3D look fantastic. APetrus has done an amazing job developing Race illegal High Speed 3D. Chillingo is very intelligent to be publishing this game.

The graphics in Race illegal High Speed 3D will blow you away. I am still stunned at how good this game looks on this little hand held. I could see this game porting over to the Nintendo 3DS easily, or the Playstation Vita. The vehicles, backgrounds and tracks are awesome. The one minor dent in this department is the crashing into other vehicles. Certain areas of Race illegal High Speed 3D encourage you to smash other cars.

The music in Race illegal High Speed 3D is epic. It not only fits the theme, but brings some high profile to this game. What will shock many gamers is Race illegal High Speed 3D includes a story in the career mode. APetrus raised the bar in terms of racing games on this platform. The story revolves around the illegal nature of these races and how these different teams compete. To me the groupings acted more like gangs than teams but that may be splitting hairs.

The most shocking aspect of Race illegal High Speed 3D to me is the price. This app is selling for ninety-nine cents. *cough* A game of this quality could sell for $4.99 and fans would be happy. The low price of Race illegal High Speed 3D is insane. There are multiple vehicles, tracks, and modes. Race illegal High Speed 3D lets you race others and attach a picture to your profile. Many will spend time in the customization of their vehicle.

Race illegal High Speed 3D really shines in the controls department. Tapping the screen in certain areas does things like brings up a virtual wheel, changes camera mode, or adds a speed boost. The first level will quickly bring players up to speed on all of these options. I love tilting my iPod Touch as the control scheme. It works better than I could have ever hoped. APetrus got the controls down masterfully.

Racing generally teaches to get to the finish line first. At Family Friendly Gaming we believe in racing cleanly. Race illegal High Speed 3D does not encourage that. It also revolves around the illegal racing circuit. When you crash in Race illegal High Speed 3D most of the time you are smashing innocents. As I played this game I felt bad that someone trying to drive home to their family after work may have died. Race illegal High Speed 3D provides no consequences for this ethics violation.

Overall I am very impressed with Race illegal High Speed 3D. The level this game is at surpasses any other racing game on this platform. All other developers need to bring their 'A' game to compete in the future.
- Frank


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 74%
Replay/Extras: 83%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 68%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Publisher: Chillingo
Rating: '4+' - 4+

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