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Family Friendly Gaming has recently started to review iPad apps. I purchased one of these tablets recently for a couple of reasons and thus far it has impressed me. I got a refurbished one, so I could stomach the price. PadDraw is an app that was sent to us for a review. This app is a drawing game. There are twelve pictures to color. Unlike a real book, PadDraw can be re-used.

PadDraw is an app for children. That distinction has to be made immediately. Teenagers and adults who are looking for a deep drawing program need to look somewhere else. PadDraw looks like a drawing book you would find at many stores, and in children's rooms. In fact my youngest son has quite a few of them. I let him play with PadDraw to see how the target age would handle it.

There are three modes in PadDraw. Kids can use a tap to fill in an entire area, or a large crayon coloring tool, or a smaller one. These three are separated out into difficulty levels. The colors used in PadDraw are softer tones. I would have liked some more colors personally, but that is me. My son did not mind. He would swap colors, and there were enough to keep him happy.

The main sound section of PadDraw is the sound effects. This includes turning pages in the book, and swapping colors. These sounds fit the theme of the game. Some music while coloring would have been nice. My six year old turned the sound up trying to hear music while he was coloring. He is already becoming an intense game reviewer for me.

PadDraw costs ninety-nine cents. This is a great price for a re-usable coloring book. I looked at PadDraw from two different frames of mind. First off there are only twelve coloring pages. A coloring book at one of the dollar stores includes more pages. However they can not be re-used. So being able to re-use the pages in PadDraw is a huge plus in my opinion.

When your child is done coloring a page in PadDraw it can be saved to the iPad. In fact multiple copies of the same page can be saved. This means nothing is lost from the re-usable portion of PadDraw. We ran into multiple crashes with PadDraw though. At times this app would warn us of a memory problem. I am not clear why since we have so much available memory. My youngest son also had some problems navigating from page to page. At times the app would go in a different direction. These irritations are minor, and it is my hope an update will clean them up.

I love how PadDraw brings us back to our youth. As technology continues to make humans less patient, and quicker to anger; it  is great to see an app that hearkens to the safer days of our youth. PadDraw is a great use of the technology and can be used to teach children hand eye coordination. They also can see how colors contrast and clash. I am very thankful that we were given the opportunity to use and review PadDraw.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 81%
Sound: 77%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 79%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%
System: iPad
Publisher: Olaf Japp
Rating: '4+' for 4+

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