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Fruit Roll 


If you have a fourth generation iPod Touch, an iPhone 4, or an iPad you can enjoy Fruit Roll. What is this game? It is a fruit rolling game. No seriously. You have different fruit that you can collect in levels and select. Three of a kind grants the player a monster power up that rolls through everything. If you are normal size then you must avoid the animals or be the same color. This is more complex than it sounds especially when flying through a level.

The graphics in Fruit Roll are bright and colorful. I enjoyed the graphics in the various levels. The color matching is a nice little touch. Enemies go flying off the screen when you color match or are super powered. When you are super powered you roll so fast that it can hard to see everything you knock out of the way.

The music in Fruit Roll is fun. Music can be used to illicit emotional responses. The music in Fruit Roll brings a smile to my face. It is fresh, and happy all at the same time. It makes me think about innocence, and doing the right thing all at the same time.

Fruit Roll is fair priced in my opinion. The ninety-nine cent price tag is pretty cheap. Fruit Roll is polished nicely with some neat little extras. A couple of us had some fun playing Fruit Roll here at Family Friendly Gaming. The level design in Fruit Roll is intelligent.

The game play in Fruit Roll is pretty simple. You roll from the left to the right. Pick different fruit to either grow into a monster fruit (the power up) or collect different ones and swap to remove the various animals. There are stars to collect along the way as well. I found it was better to avoid the enemies than to try and remove them. I have one minor quibble with Fruit Roll. The game made me restart in level one each and every time.

The main lesson Fruit Roll teaches us is to match colors. The next lesson is about avoiding animals that want to eat you - well if you were a fruit. For some reason after playing Fruit Roll I was hungry to eat some fruit. I hope to see sequels to this app in the future - especially if there are level selects. It would be great to skip early levels after beating them.
- Paul


Graphics: 84%
Sound: 84%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 78%
System: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Chillingo
Rating: '4+' - 4+

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