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Dodogo Robo 


Neko Entertainment is proving that good things come in small packages. Dodogo! Robo is a downloadable game on the Nintendo DSi that costs 200 points. Translation from points to dollars is two dollars. This is shockingly cheap. What are other things you can download for 200 points? Animal Crossing clock. Dodogo! Robo is a game, and a complete one.

Visually Dodogo! Robo makes me think of an app on the iPhone. The egg animates okay, and I am keeping the price in mind. Plus I was given a download code for this game, so it did not cost me a dime. The levels have some interesting features, but a lot of them look pretty bland. At least to me. There are some visual special effects when items are collected. Which is the main goal of this game. Collect all the items. This is done by navigating them successfully.

The music in Dodogo! Robo reminds me of a ringing phone. Which for me is not a pleasant sound. In fact it is the sound of irritation and annoyance. Thankfully not all of it is bad. I have to admit there is a whimsical feel to the audio department of Dodogo! Robo. This Nintendo DSi game makes me think of Dodo birds. Dodogo! Robo has talk of millions of years ago and time travel.

I love the price of this game. I want to call it an app because that is what Dodogo! Robo reminds me of. But it is not an app. I suppose it could be ported over to that platform pretty easily. There are enough levels to keep most puzzle gamers busy for a few days. Only one player can enjoy Dodogo! Robo at a time. However there are leaderboards online so you can see how well you did against others.

The game play in Dodogo! Robo made me think. I knew that every item could be collected if I found the right way of doing it. The real drawback to Dodogo! Robo is there is really only one way of solving each puzzle. It would have been nice for multiple solutions to bring about the same outcome. Maybe there is, and I am not smart enough to see another way of doing it. If you find more than one way of solving a puzzle then please let me know.

I enjoyed Dodogo! Robo. I do feel that this hand held game is a little on the difficult side. Younger family members will probably need assistance with this game. I would like to see sequels to Dodogo! Robo in the future. This is a fun franchise that is safe for the entire family. It was my pleasure to be allowed to play and review Dodogo! Robo on the Nintendo DSi. I would like to see more games based on Dodo's too.
- Luke


Graphics: 79%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 88%
Family Friendly Factor: 83%
System: Nintendo DSi
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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