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Deca Sports Extreme 


I have a brand new favorite sports title on the Nintendo 3DS. What is the name of this game? Deca Sports Extreme. Hats off to Konami for publishing this hand held title, and props to Hudson Entertainment for developing it. The Deca Sports franchise has been off and on over the years. Deca Sports Extreme is on like, well I can't finish that since Nintendo trademarked that phrase.

Deca Sports Extreme includes ten different sports. They are Snowmobile Racing, Sumo Wrestling, Snowball Fight, Sports Blowgun, Ice Hockey, Trampoline, Basketball, Bowling, Soccer, and Tennis. There are a lot of winners in there. But Trampoline? I have jumped on trampolines before and did not consider it a sport. Sports Blowgun is interesting, but I would have preferred Archery.

The graphics in Deca Sports Extreme stand out. These sports look fantastic. Sort of like the Wii meets 3D is how I would describe them, but is on a hand held. The amount of content in these sports is astounding. I love the different angles of the sports as well. Trampoline has a great camera shot when the player is going back down towards the trampoline. The courts in Basketball look great, as does the ice in Hockey. Then we get into the 3D effects, which are stellar.

The music and special effect sounds in Deca Sports Extreme are energy charged. They got me ready to play. There are two layers to learning the controls in this Nintendo 3DS title. On the menu screen there is one set of explanation of the controls, and right before playing there is another with video from the sport. Deca Sports Extreme is encouraging whether you win or lose. Experience is earned for either winning or losing. This can help upgrade members of your team.

Ten sports might be enough to warrant a purchase of Deca Sports Extreme. But this game does not stop there. There is a mountain of extras to unlock. There are achievements for accomplishing certain goals. Team members can be upgraded on three different skills. Then we get into the multiplayer aspects of Deca Sports Extreme. Up to four players can enjoy Deca Sports Extreme in local play, or download play. Deca Sports Extreme is worth the cost. Families can enjoy this game for months to come.

Hudson Entertainment did a very wise thing with the controls of Deca Sports Extreme. Many of them are similar. Use the same buttons for controls in games that are alike. I love when a developer does that. It makes learning the different sports much easier. I got a real joy out of playing Tennis and Sumo Wrestling in this game. Bowling is also a great one to replay. Basketball is on par with the Mario Basketball games - which is a compliment. Soccer and Ice Hockey take some time to master. All in all I had a blast playing Deca Sports Extreme.

Most sports teach teamwork. I remember playing high school football and learning that lesson. The coaches drilled it into us. Deca Sports Extreme does not drill it into you, but it does have that lesson there. Players can also learn strategy of things like Sumo Wrestling, and Sports Blowgun. Snowball Fight is sort of the odd man out in this game. Players play a capture the flag kind of a game there. The violence is low in hitting someone with a snowball.

I hope to see sequels to Deca Sports Extreme in the future. Deca Sports Extreme earns our rarely given Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval. Deca Sports Extreme is also the first Nintendo 3DS game to earn that honor.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 97%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 96%
Family Friendly Factor: 94%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Hudson Entertainment

Rating: 'E
' - Everyone
{Mild Cartoon Violence}

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