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I see videos for games and get very interested in them. Blobster is one of those games. This iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch game has many things going for it. There is one problem I had with Blobster, but we will get to that in time. Be patient my friends, or just skip to the last paragraph. A nasty corporation is polluting the environment and it is up to your blob like character to save the day. You get to try and bankrupt the company. I guess they would not qualify for a massive government bail out.

The visuals in Blobster are bright and colorful. The animation of the little blobs are spectacular. The physics look great in this hand held game. The bouncing of the graphics can lead to an issue with some people. I just happened to be one of the lucky ones who is sensitive enough to have this issue.

The music in Blobster is fun, fresh, and happy. I enjoyed the music in Blobster. The special effect sounds fit the theme of this hand held title, and bring something fun to the table. The environmental storyline is one that we have heard before at Family Friendly Gaming. It is starting to become almost like prophets on a street corner. Except it is an over used theme in video games.

Blobster is another iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch game that goes social. I really have no interest in sharing levels with people on Facebook. If you do, then enjoy that feature in Blobster. There are enough levels in Blobster to warrant the price. We were provided a download code for this app.

I love the various controls in Blobster. Press on the right of the screen to go right, and press to the left to go left. Grab your blob and pull to sling him in a certain direction. This combination of controls we have seen in other apps works wonderfully. I enjoyed how this game controlled as well as the short little levels. I did have fun playing Blobster.

The main lesson in Blobster is to stop the evil corporations. I have tried to speak up inside major evil corporations, and found I was one of the few who would speak the truth. Suffice to say it lead to a lot of persecution. Maybe if some other people had played this game, and had been trained to stand up it would have gone better.

The one downside I found in playing Blobster is headaches. It has been some time since a video game made me feel nauseous. Blobster did. The best I can figure is the way the camera zooms in and out, as well as the bouncing from slinging the blob character. I could play other games right afterwords and be fine. But a few minutes with Blobster made my head feel funny.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 84%
Replay/Extras: 81%
Gameplay: 86%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Chillingo
Rating: '4+' for 4+

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