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1001 Crystal Mazes Collection 


1001 Crystal Mazes Collection is a simple puzzle game that will take forever to solve. All this Nintendo DSi game requires is for every single gem to be moved into the landing zones. On paper this sounds like it would be no problem at all. In application the labyrinths the jewels are in can require some real thought. Teyon knew how frustrating this can be, so they included backing out moves. That feature is my personal favorite. 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection is a download only game on the Nintendo DSi, and it costs 500 points (editor: in essence five dollars).

The first thing I noticed about the graphics in 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection is the attire of the woman character on the menu screen. I can not imagine they are targeting those enslaved to lustful thoughts, so it does not fit this game at all. There are various colors of gems, and different color schemes used in 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection. The details can be lacking in some of the mazes, but few graphic hounds will play a game that will enhance their mental skills.

I found myself enjoying the music in 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection. It brought something fun to the table. I did not find any offensive sounds or language while playing 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection. My opinion of this DSi game is also partially tempered by the low admissions price.

I see complete perfection in terms of replay value to 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection. I have been playing 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection for over a month now, and will continue to play it for at least another month to come. There are over one thousand puzzles in this Nintendo DSi game. I can think of few other puzzle games that give the player that many levels to play. I go back to the price in terms of what you get out of 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection. Multiple saves allow multiple family members to enjoy this game as long as turns are taken.

The controls are spot on in 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection. Being able to back out a mistake is perfect for a puzzle game like this one. I had a lot of fun playing 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection, even when a certain level would frustrate me. Some levels are insane in their difficulty, so I wish all of our readers well as they play this game.

I hope to see sequels to 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection. I would also like to see that main menu screen cleaned up, and this game is set for the upper stratosphere. 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection teaches us to think about how to solve problems.
- Yolanda

Graphics: 74%
Sound: 86%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 98%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Nintendo DSi
Publisher: Teyon
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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