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Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform 


Anything that claims to be non-slip better have its act together. When the WMG was given the honor of reviewing Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform, the WMG immediately tried out the non-slip part. The toughness was also looked into. Again when a company puts something in the name of the product, they better bring it. Thankfully Hyperkin did a very good job with Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform. The WMG is not saying that because a free unit was sent to Family Friendly Gaming either.

The WMG is the first to admit the Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform is not the greatest thing to look at. The dominate color of gray does not do a lot for this reviewer. The buttons stick out visually, but not as well as some other units. Since the Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform works on multiple platforms (Wii, PS2, PSX, Xbox, PC, and MAC) there are different symbols on the same squares. This confused the WMG at first, especially the 'B' and 'X'.

The feel of the Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform is fantastic. There are little bumps on the arrows so you can actually feel when you are in the right spot. This little feature goes a long way in this reviewers mind. Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform is a sturdy dance pad, that took some heavy set gamers without one complaint. Nothing tore or ripped. We tried too.

Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform will last quite awhile. This is where the WMG plans on dealing with the non-slip part. Most dance pads are a danger to everyone in the room. The WMG has fallen multiple times on different dance pads. Put the Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform on a carpet and you have to work to get any movement. The WMG was able to get this dance pad to slip a little bit, however never very far.

The Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform is a sturdy dance pad that has an aversion to sliding around the floor. As if that were not useful enough this unit works on various home consoles and computers. Families can purchase the Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform for a decent cost. The WMG feels that the Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform is worth the price of admission.

Many family members have gotten hurt thanks to dance pads that go flying across the room. Families can be much safer thanks to Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform. Room can also be saved by using a multi-platform dance pad that works great across platforms. The WMG hopes to see more great ideas from Hyperkin in the future.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 74%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 93%
Family Friendly Factor: 82%
System: Wii/PS2/Xbox/PC/MAC
Publisher: Hyperkin
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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