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Save the Turtles 


One of the things I love so much about being in the video game industry on the media site is the surprises. I had read the press releases, and seen pictures of Save the Turtles on the Nintendo DSi. Thousand of ya'll reading this review have probably been following our coverage of this hand held downloadable game. That is right this is a download only game on the DSi. I expected Save the Turtles to preach environmentalism, and have been pleasantly surprised by this fun little puzzle game that adds some neat little play mechanics (more on that coming later in the review).

Save the Turtles is bright, colorful, and very fresh visually. I really enjoyed the graphical style, and details on the Nintendo DSi game. The turtles are so cute that I hope Sabarasa markets some small stuffed animals in the near future. The fun and fresh way things are shown in Save the Turtles brought a smile to my face. The sun is in itself a cool little character. There are visual cues to warn the player when a seagull is coming, that really assist the player. You can let your turtles burn up, or get removed by predators. There is no blood or gore, they just disappear.

The music in Save the Turtles is fantastic. I really enjoyed listening to this game about as much as I enjoyed playing it. The turtles have such a happy and joyful sound that this kept the smile on my face. Like I said before I was expecting a lot of preaching, and Save the Turtles kept that toned way down. Which really leaves gamers with a fun little matching puzzle game with some amazing twists.

Save the Turtles costs five dollars. Remember that because there is a lot in this game. In fact way more than I expected for five dollars. The story mode has thirty different levels. After a few days you should be able to beat them all. What next? Trophies to unlock, and three other game modes. The one that will keep gamers playing is Turtles Forever - which is an endless mode. Only one player can play Save the Turtles at a time. I have to go back to its only five dollars. I feel that Save the Turtles is worth the price of admission.

Save the Turtles has the player start out unearthing the eggs. Then tap on them to have them hatch. Finally match three of the same kind. Here is where things get really interesting. Players can touch a turtle and draw a path for them to walk to another area. This little twist on the match three or more of the same kind is absolutely fabulous. Sabarasa threw in rocks, seaweed, crabs, seagulls and more to keep this game challenging. I have been marveling at being able to have the turtles walk around the screens for days now. That is one of the things that makes Save the Turtles so special. The only down side is this game can get addicting.

I remember years ago seeing a television show about the challenges turtles have trying to get to the ocean. Many of them wind up food for other animals. This is all part of God's design, and delicate balance in nature. Save the Turtles teaches players to try and save as many of these turtles as possible. At times I found I had to get a few eaten to open the path for others. Other lessons in Save the Turtles is color matching, and which path to take to avoid predators. The final lesson I gleaned from Save the Turtles is to be quick about it. Keep the turtles sitting in the sun too long, and they bar-b-que.
- Paul


Graphics: 93%
Sound: 92%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 98%
Family Friendly Factor: 91%
System: Nintendo DSi
Publisher: Sabarasa
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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