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Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant 


People routinely ask my opinion on something. At times I think why would you care what I have to say about it? But that is cynical on my part, and I acknowledge that a large amount of people are interesting in my take on something. So I know my role, but its not to keep my mouth shut. Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant is out, and it expands the Pokemon TCG universe. Family Friendly Gaming was approached about doing a review, and I went with it.

We have done reviews on Pokemon Trading Card Game cards before. I personally like card games, even if I am not intelligent enough to completely comprehend how to play them. I like looking at the cards, and watching my boys play the games. Sometimes they play by the official rules, and other times they make it up as they go. This is when I interact, having a blast. Part of the fun is getting to use our imaginations.

The artwork in Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant ranges drastically. Some of them look realistic, whereas others look like they were done with an artistic flare. The various poses of the Pokemon on the cards is one of the neat things about these cards. Certain cards in Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant are very reflective. Those shiny cards really draw the attention. So do the Legendary cards.

There are not many sounds in Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant. Unless you count the sounds children make as they pretend to be their favorite little Pokemon. I was reading through the manual and found information on stringent rules for the Pokemon to evolve. I find it odd that one Pokemon would morph into another one. In video game form that is pretty easy, in card form that seems a little off.

Hours upon hours of fun can be attained from Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant. I know my own children have been enjoying this package, and booster packs for quite some time. They have their battles, do their trades, and ask for assistance in pronouncing the names of Pokemon they had not seen before. Other times they go through their decks and look at the different Pokemon.

I joked earlier about Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant being a complex game to learn. Actually it is not that difficult if you follow the rules. The playmat that comes with Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant makes learning this game even easier. There is a lot of strategy to this card game, and there are tons of different combinations. I noticed that children have a lot of fun playing Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant.

I expect the Pokemon Trading Card Game to continue for many years. This package adds to the current franchise. The best part of Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant for me is the opportunity for imagination. I also liked to see the spark in the eyes of those playing. If you are already into Pokemon TCG then you will take great interest in Pokemon Trading Card Game HS-Triumphant. If not, then this package could be your doorway into a strange universe of battling monsters.
- Paul


Graphics: 72%
Sound: 62%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 73%
System: Card Game
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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