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Kidz Gear Wired and Wireless Headphones 


Family Friendly Gaming was recently blessed with a reviewable package from Kidz Gear. This included the Wireless Car Headphones for Kids, am IR Transmitter for use at home, and a pair of the Wired Headphones for Kids. These headphones are designed for children, but adults can also use them. We had both adults and children use them. We tested them at home, and in the vehicle.

The first thing I noticed was the bags that each of the headphones come in. They are jet black with the Kidz Gear logo on them. The bags look very similar so you may have to open them to tell which headphone is in which. The headphones have a neat look to them. The black and gray fits the wireless version nicely. The black, blue, silver and gray on the wired model actually looks even better in my opinion. Both of them tell you which side is for the left and which is for the right. This is such a simple concept that many designers miss.

Both sets of headphones feel very comfortable. Children preferred the feel of the wireless model. I also found that model to feel better. Upon close inspection the Wireless Car Headphones for Kids have larger cuffs, which mean more cushion. These can also encompass a child's ear better. Or you could look at it as working better with older children.

Kids can get rough on things, and I wonder how these will hold up after a few months. The plastic bands that go over the heads bend, and discolor. Which means they could be broken by kids being rough. The Wireless Car Headphones for Kids worked good in the car as long as the kids did not get too rambunctious. The length of the Wired Headphones for Kids was suitable in the vehicle, but was too short in front of the television set. We also ran into issues with the Wireless Car Headphones for Kids in the living room. Kids can get wild, and it lost its connection. This ended the peace and quiet time we were having.

We approve of the idea of wireless headphones, and ones that directly target children. Nintendo has done some fantastic controllers over the years with Wireless capability. I see a lot of potential there. If the child is close enough to the item, then the Wired Headphones for Kids are very useful. Having silence, and not having to hear the Teen Titans theme song yet again will prove very useful to a lot of parents.

Wireless Car Headphones for Kids assists families in avoiding the tangles of wires. This increases safety, and makes life easier. I hope to see better connectivity in the future, because line of sight is not always going to happen with kids. They will look out the window, get something to eat, poke their brother, try to take the headphones off, etc. The volume control on the Wired Headphones for Kids is a nice touch, and I noticed the volume was lower on it than other headphones we have used.
- Kimp


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 71%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 82%
System: DVD/TV
Publisher: Kidz Gear
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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