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Dual Controller Charging Kit 


Memorex made quite an impact on me personally at E3 2010. They have entered the peripheral world of video games with quite a few intelligent products. The first review we are doing on one of their products is the Dual Controller Charging Kit. Throw away everything you know about charging kits, because the Dual Controller Charging Kit improves upon them in many ways. No snapping in the charging part of the unit, and you can keep the sleeves on while charging.

Dual Controller Charging Kit looks good as it lays flat and allows for two controllers to lay on top. The blue and red lights letting the player know if it is charged or not make so much more sense to me than the blue/green choices on other units. The majority color on the Dual Controller Charging Kit is white. There is some blue, as well as gray text. The gray text gives an explanation that set my mind at ease to the rising temperature.

Hows does the Dual Controller Charging Kit feel? Well essentially like slick plastic. The power cord does not feel so slick, which is fine by me. Laying a controller on the pad felt weird at first. I kept thinking I had to snap it in. Obviously other charging kits have trained me to think that way. Thankfully Memorex has got me thinking in a completely different direction.

The charge on the controllers lasted enough hours to keep me satisfied. I am also very impressed with the charge time. On some other chargers we would have to wait hours for a charge. Dual Controller Charging Kit was over so quickly I was shocked. I even made sure to check it on the Wii to make sure the controller had a full charge. We have been spending quite a few hours testing Dual Controller Charging Kit, and are very impressed with its longevity. I can easily see Family Friendly Gaming using the Dual Controller Charging Kit until the end of the Wii's life cycle.

I find the Dual Controller Charging Kit to be extremely useful. I absolutely hate having to go looking for batteries. Dual Controller Charging Kit negates that, and is nice enough to charge through the sleeve. So you do not need to take your Wii Remote out of the sleeve. Memorex has brought a fresh new thought process to charging units, and we are glad they came.

I can not wait to see what else Memorex comes up with in the future. Dual Controller Charging Kit is family friendly, and very safe. I kept getting my fingers down there trying to shock myself. Somehow this unit transferred power without sending any my way. Well, if it did send power my way, I did not feel it. I will be recommending the Dual Controller Charging Kit to family, friends, and pastors I know.
- Paul

{UPDATE 11/26/2010} The Charge has not been lasting very long on these units. So the Longevity score is being lowered. This started being a problem a few months after being recharged multiple times.


Graphics: 91%
Sound: 85%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 93%
Family Friendly Factor: 89%
System: Wii
Publisher: Memorex
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated    

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