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Dragon Quest Wars 


For 500 Wii/DSi points I purchased Dragon Quest Wars. That is equivalent to five United States dollars. I was pretty excited at first because I thought I got this fantastic deal. I enjoyed my time with the tutorial, and was ready to dig my teeth into a cool strategy game. I found that there is no storyline in Dragon Quest Wars. There is just battling. You can do a four on four battle (editor: two teams). Or you can have a four team battle royal. You get to pick your opponents so you can always make sure you will win. Or you can make it where you will have a real challenge, and lose most likely. If you are really ambitious you can fight other player’s teams.

Visually speaking the Dragon Quest characters animate pretty good. I enjoyed watching them move around. The main goal of this game is to destroy the other team(s). So there are quite a few animations dedicated to fighting. Certain attacks from certain characters are magical based, so you watch them launch the mystical attacks. There are various colors in Dragon Quest Wars, along with backgrounds. Most of the backgrounds are pretty typical though.

I enjoyed the music in Dragon Quest Wars. Well I should say the music that this Nintendo DSi game contains. There could have been some more diversity, but then this is a five dollar game. The little monsters will give some commands about what the player needs to do next. The tutorial is fantastic in this downloadable hand held video game. To be honest it is the best part of Dragon Quest Wars.

There are not a lot of monsters to choose from, which really limits the choices in terms of teams. Winning against various team combinations on various boards wound up boring me pretty quickly. I know Dragon Quest Wars is only five dollars, but some kind of storyline would have been appreciated. After you unlock the tutorials there is little reason to replay Dragon Quest Wars.

The touch screen controls can be a little clunky at times. At times I picked up a monster, moved him, tried to select an attack only to find he had not actually moved at all. While this is easily correctable it became frustrating after a few battles. I did not have fun playing Dragon Quest Wars, and feel like I wasted my money on it.

I can not condone the concept of battling over and over again for no reason. I am also a little bothered by the concepts of using the monsters to fight for you. Taking the Dragon Quest series into strategy is a good idea, but Dragon Quest Wars is poor implementation. No sequels unless they have a story in them.
- Luke


Graphics: 73%
Sound: 72%
Replay/Extras: 54%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 67%
System: Nintendo DSi
Publisher: Square Enix
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Cartoon Violence, Mild Language}

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