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Defendin de Penguin 


Crave Entertainment used to be a mega power in terms of family friendly titles. Over the last few years they have been slipping. I still keep an eye out for their games. When I found Defendin’ de Penguin for a very reasonable price, I purchased it, and added it to our review schedule. Animals walk along a specific path. Along the way they steal fish from the village, and then try to leave the screen. The player puts up towers that attack the various animals. Kill them before they leave the screen, and then you can go and recover the fish. Defendin’ de Penguin is advertised as a strategy game for kids.

The graphics are not that great in Defendin’ de Penguin on the Nintendo DS. There are not a lot of colors. I understand the need for white in the Arctic, but some more variety would have been nice. Attacking animals look the same as well. The defenses that attack are automated, so the player watches the violence unfold. Once the health of an attacking animal is drained then they vanish. I liked the look of the fish in this game, as well as the cut scenes that explained some new weapon that was coming available, and the animal is was good against.

The consistent churning of these towers attacking got a little old for me. The music is okay. It did nothing for me personally. Defendin’ de Penguin has a level of selfishness to it. The penguins are fighting to keep their fish. I just wish the concept of sharing would have been explored. Another bad message is the animals trying to steal.

The good news for Defendin’ de Penguin is there are quite a few levels to work through. This Nintendo DS game also contains a fair amount of unlockable content. The majority of that has to do with the different kinds of towers. Certain levels will also take time to complete. Some multiplayer modes would have helped Defendin’ de Penguin quite a bit. Alas they were not included. I did not spend much money on this game, so I feel like I got my moneys worth.

The game play aspects of Defendin’ de Penguin is where my biggest concerns are. I had to guide the penguin to pick up the fish after the attacking animals died. This got really old very quickly. Some levels dragged on so long that I thought I was going crazy, or being punished. I did not have fun playing this DS game at all.

I already touched on the stealing, and selfishness aspects of Defendin’ de Penguin. Children can also learn where to place defenses. I am reaching trying to find some real world need of that skill. I suppose learning how to think through a problem. I feel like Defendin’ de Penguin could have been so much better than it actually is. Maybe a sequel.
- Paul


Graphics: 62%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 72%
Gameplay: 58%
Family Friendly Factor: 61%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Crave Entertainment
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Cartoon Violence}

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