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Buzz Master Quiz is a trivia styled Playstation Portable (PSP) video game that I just had to play. There are over three thousand questions on topics ranging from sports, music, movies, the environment, animals, and many more. Sony tries to keep the trivia action fresh with different kind of questions. Most of them are similar enough, however the Virus Challenge is the most irritating. Points drain away while the picture slowly comes into focus. That means every question must be answered right, or quickly make a guess. The long list of negative descriptors from the ESRB is pretty shocking. All of that content did not need to be included in this reviewer’s opinion.

Buzz Master Quiz looks okay graphically. The video clips looked like the movies (on a very small screen), but many of them contain enticement to lust, blood, or violence. I have to go back to why is this the choice for the content? Even bad movies have a few clean parts, and those parts could have been focused on. I find it interesting that ‘R’ rated movies can be included in an ‘E10+’ rated video game.

The problems with Buzz Master Quiz does not end with the graphics. There are a lot of inappropriate lyrics, and language in this Playstation Portable hand held video game. I shake my head that there is so much of this content included. To be fair, I did run into some questions on Christian musicians. I was pleasantly surprised to get these questions, and to be able to answer them. The various questions are on all kinds of different areas of pop culture. If you are like me, there are plenty of things you won’t know about. That is okay because the game does let you know what the right answer is for the next time the question is asked.

Buzz Master Quiz has multiplayer modes that will interest gamers who all have the Playstation Portable. Buzz Master Quiz does include Game Sharing, so not everyone needs the game in order to play with one another. Even with the multiplayer modes I feel that Buzz Master Quiz is not worth the price of admission. Questions recycle quickly, which takes away the challenge in my opinion.

The controls in Buzz Master Quiz are pressing the right button that corresponds with the right answer. This means a memorization of where the buttons are on the machine, and an ability to read. Most of the modes are cool, but the Virus Challenge has stuck with me as a real downer in Buzz Master Quiz. The cool mode is the one where the game only gives a minute to answer as many questions as possible. I really excelled in that mode.

Buzz Master Quiz teaches concentration, thought, and in some cases pattern recognition. I did notice some bad lessons in this PSP game as well. Evolution, selfishness, and sexual deviancy are all supported. Alcohol, and tobacco are also included in some of the content. I like the concept of Buzz Master Quiz, but the real drawback for me is a lot of the content. There is a much higher focus on bad things than good.
- Mark


Graphics: 67%
Sound: 69%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: Playstation Portable
Publisher: Sony
Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone 10+
{Alcohol Reference, Lyrics, Mild Blood, Mild Violence, and Tobacco Reference}

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