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Bird and Beans 


Bird & Beans is one of the reasons I am not overly thrilled with the Nintendo DSi. This downloadable game (for 200 DSi Points) has the player taking on the role of a bird. These seeds are falling down from the sky, and the little birdie eats them. If one should fall through then it destroys a space on the ground, and leaves the player less move to maneuver around. Eventually a seed will bonk the player in the head, and it is game over. The main goal of Bird & Beans is to get the highest score possible. The higher up a seed is, the more points the player receives.

I am very unhappy with the graphics in Bird & Beans. There is not a lot of details, and the colors are very bland. The closest thing to an offensive images is the bird getting hit in the head with a seed. This image did not bother me personally. The bird has an amazingly long tongue that can snatch seeds (from far away) out of the sky. Bird & Beans looks like a pre 8-bit NES title to me visually.

Bird & Beans has okay music that I found to be interesting for awhile. The special effect sounds did nothing for me though. I would get tired of hearing these same special effect sounds over and over again. Bear in mind you will grab a lot of seeds out of the sky and hear that same sound with each one.

I did not run across extras in Bird & Beans. This was most disappointing. The addiction factor to this Nintendo DSi game can be high, and that irritates me. Due to the high difficulty level I did not enjoy replaying Bird & Beans. In fact it felt like a chore to replay this game. My advice is to save your money for a better video game.

The whole key to Bird & Beans is lining up the angles. Since your bird shoots his tongue up at around a 45 degree angle, you have to position him in the right spot. Seeds start coming faster and faster which makes this DSi game even more difficult. I did not have fun playing Bird & Beans. Your bird is also very limited in what he can do, which can lead to get getting stuck very easily. White seeds to replenish the blocks that have been removed, but do not come often enough for me.

The main lesson in Bird & Beans is concentration. The angles (previously mentioned) are mainly done by eye balling it. I did not find anything offensive in this game. The only concern I can see with Bird & Beans is the possibility of addiction. If you are prone to that weakness then I would say pass on this one.
- Paul


Graphics: 65%
Sound: 71%
Replay/Extras: 63%
Gameplay: 67%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: Nintendo DSi
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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